Sometimes going with the classics for generating conflict is just so so good – World Domination is the goal and the three factions in The Secret World want it. Though the game mechanics might not differentiate the three, they are all attractive from a loyalty and purpose perspective, we get the Templars in London, the Illuminati in New York and then the Dragon in Seoul.

I admit, finding time for games is hard, but I do like the idea of delving into a complex world like this, even solo and then having those lunch discussions over al the fun. Getting together with friends or family is great fun as well and having a new place like this to explore as far as the ‘place’ and the ‘mechanics’ would be super. With Guild Wars 2 not quite here yet to tempt and such good reports for this – I am indeed very tempted. Hex and Bajo’s take is helping fuel that fire (or should i just get the CivV expansion 🙂

How glorious are the promo videos for the game, beautifully crafted and really enforcing the creepy world that all the action takes part in. We get the nice mix of slow undercurrent of conspiracy as well as the violent action combat.

I like the idea of the skills wheel and creating a character that is a little unique, particularly with the visual freedom provided. I have fond memories of nice character creation like City of Heroes and spending way too much time there. The mood and design of the Secret World is very strong and that is borne out in these cool pieces of design and concept art for both the characters and the super cool environments. The places are just screaming with story and depth, finding out what happened there and what might happen next looks like a real attraction. They have done a great job of giving us so much cool artwork on the site – go look!!

First a few screenshots showing how it all came together then the art that inspired!

[The Secret World screenshots via the official site]

[The Secret World concept art via the official site]