The range of laptops is greater than ever and with all the tablets as well, mobile computing has never looked richer. That said we normalise so quickly these days, Pads, Ultrabooks, Software, everything – scant months after something is released it is ordinary and we are scouting for the next cool think to grab our collective attention.

Ultrabooks, I do love the sexy thinness and they are some of the best designed pieces of hardware we can buy. That said they really are collapsing the grunt to get that form-factor going. We arent at a place where we can have firepower and stay oh-so-thin. A bit like the shot putters at the Olympics – they need to be big guys to hoik that ball of metal 20 metres.

Anyhow, check out the usual good places like notebookcheck for releases and specs, but here are some pieces of kit (by Vendor) that still have my interest. With Microsoft’s experiment with Win8 creeping closer, I expect ‘touch’ to bring forth some interesting configs.

While I am much preferring my life in Windows, there is little doubt that Apple have some gorgeous laptops. The New MacBookPro is sleek and sexy for a full laptop with good components all round. They skimp on essentials like an ethernet port, but when the rest is this good people will overlook such things. Add to this the Macbook Air (prettiest laptop of them all) and Apple are still doing things to please.

The Korean gang at Asus have some of the nicest looking laptop gear outside of Apple. The Zenbook Prime has a new version which still looks neat with the metallic feel. Their ROG gaming machines have always been good value for money and the latest versions are ok. Asus always have crazy model numbers that make their range pretty impenetrable.

There is still so much to like here, the styling is still Alienware through and through, they arent trying to copy Apple or make jewellery, they make gaming/performance rigs. That said the styling is attractive and (even if a touch late) they bring the very best hardware options into their machines – the fastest mobile SLI solutions available included. Even their baby 14″ version packs a punch, but the mighty M18x has it all.

The new series of Samsung machines, not that they are at the top of any heap for me do have some interesting things to offer. Their series 7 gamer is quite a beast actually and I wouldnt mind having a play at some point. The little HP 2170p is a very neat business machine that should be a real winner while everyone sorts out having the right stuff in the ultrabook form factor. While it isnt as sexy, it is neat, clean, light and has all the right upgrades/options/support.