I love being impressed by the work that comes from student projects and A Fox Tail is a beautiful example of a small team coming together to show off their new skills in a digital short film format. The project was completed in 2011 by 4 students at the Supinfocom Arles in France using the suite of software I see around me here, 3Ds Max, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro (plus they must have used other tools for Audio and so forth).

We get some lovely design and rendering here that works in very nicely with the setting and the character of the piece. I like the environments and the feel of the rocks and trees matching more stylised illustration, but in 3D here. For a short the characters are full of fun stereotypes that enhance the style of the whole film while delivering the story without any dialogue. The sound work really enhances the experience and without any spoken elements has an even more critical role to play.

There isnt a dev diary/blog for the whole team, but their individual sites have a heap of concept art and production commentary. The imagery below is from these sites and reveals the amount of work put in to arrive at such a level of quality.

Thomas Bozovic

Alexandre Cazals

Julien Legay

Chao ma


Guy-Roger Duvert

Nicolas Titeux

Maybe I need to just take a chunk of time off work so I can get right into the creation of my own concepts, just looking at these images is very inspiring – it shows lots of fun in the conceptual sense and then follow-through on more detail and then completing the project. I just wish their blogs had more images of the 3D models under construction, the render tests, storyboards and the whole bit. Their blogs are worth a visit though as there are still lots of pics to see – and nifty work by the whole team as well, not just one of the group.

[Production Images from A Fox Tale via the creators’ blogs]