One of the Short films we discussed during the mocap training last week was Chris Jones’ The Passenger. Chris didnt detail the creation of the piece as he went along, but did give us a nice year-by-year summary after he eventually finished and won Best Animation at the LA International Short Film Festival. There is a great deal to learn here, about pushing through all that time, about striving for quality and making meagre resources do your bidding.

The finished animation is lovely to watch and has superb production values. The character design is lots of fun, with those bulging eyes and nice environments. Interesting to see how he knew only a tiny bit about the story involving a bus, then slowly the other elements fell into place over time. I wonder when the fish-in-the-bag came into being?

While the 8 years part is depressing, the dedication the cause is inspirational – even through the tough times, the creative blocks and various digital hardships. Plus (as he details in the credits) this is his work through and through “Written, designed, modelled, textured, illuminated, animated, composed, recorded, mixed, edited,
produced and directed by Chris Jones”.

[The Passenger shots via Chris Jones’ official site]