Another Sydney Supanova is done and dusted and was a complete blast once again. Though I failed to dress up (apart from some cool t-shirts) there were heaps of people who did which continues to add to the whole feel of the event. There were the usual stars for us to see and the actors are much better up there on stage with the questions (by and large) than say the comic artists. Hearing the set stories from Harmony (Mercedes McNab) and Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer) were great fun.

The best part of Supanova for me though is being able to see some serious comic artist talent live and in the flesh. Watching them turn a blank page into a beautiful sketch before your eyes is what it is all about. I got to see Nicola Scott create a few pieces for people and she is a real champion of Aussie comic talent being a local Sydney girl who mixes it with comic legends for DC.

In the end I finally bit the bullet and decided to invest in two of her original pencil drawings for Teen Titans 93. These (once I frame them up) will be able to finally grace those artwork slots we had created in our house – gorgeous artwork on display. These are just photos of the pieces – might get around to doing nice scans another time.

But that isnt all, on the back of these two pages are a suite of sketches that reveal some thinking and layout tests for these pages – so so good.

This is the cover for the issue that these pages are from!

[Teen Titans 93 cover via]