There has been some healthy discussion of late in BE on what gaming can bring to education in all these professional disciplines. One of the threads of discussion as always centres around simulations of various sorts and at what point they become game-like, and if we should push them that way or not.
One of the examples we discuss is the mighty Sim City and what it can teach us about the complexities of cities, solving problems with many requirements all with financial and social constraints. I like the idea of a simulation being sufficiently engaging to encourage its use by students – thus more exposure to the learning the sim has to offer – perhaps gaming’s strength of greater student engagement is helpful here.

Anyhow, it is E3 time and the next iteration of Sim City get some more trailer-time well ahead of its release. We get to see a more entertaining interface and some complex sim coding all with multiplayer now which will be intriguing.

This second vid is the E3 gameplay trailer, I am not sure what we are seeing when the buildings are plonked down by the player – maybe that is like subsidy, government investing in construction…

Plus, check out the other vids on the youtube channel looking at the Glass Box Game Engine (plus here). Here we get to see the real SIM parts in action, with agents and resources and so forth all behaving according to the rules setup for each. The 4 vids start here, nice to see the sim-ligic being explained: