I thought it was about time I at least had a look at Grasshopper, the generative plugin for Rhino which is used in a whole raft of arenas. One driver is that I may use the toolset to generate the Butterfly and Moth cities in the MVB project if that goes ahead. While I get a few tutorials under my belt, I thought I would post a few wild and zany images from the Grasshopper Gallery as some talented people have some wonderful things that show off the power of this sort of digital tool.

[Tangled by Michael Pryor via the Grasshopper Gallery]

[Hygroscope by Boyan Mihaylov via the Grasshopper Gallery]

[Voronoi Faceted Sphere by Angel Quintana via the Grasshopper Gallery]

[Tangled Order 01 by Csiby Zsolt via the Grasshopper Gallery]

[Evil Mobius by Angel Quintana via the Grasshopper Gallery]

[Chrysalis III by Andrew Kudless via the Grasshopper Gallery]

As both Grasshopper and CryEngine both use visual scripting logic, the more I can practice this sort of development the better my brain will get at finding solutions and solving problems in this way. We all have to be a little wary of trying to use every piece of software under the sun, there are just too many to become useful at them all. If I am going to use Grasshopper, then I will need a sane way to bring that geometry along with whatever other metadata (UV and materials etc) into CryEngine. It would be nice if that could be dynamic – time will tell.