I only just had this build by the UK Gadget Show pointed out and it is a great example of bringing together a bunch of tech. Here the gang look to lift the immersion level of an FPS with Battlefield 3, surround vision and sound, the coolest roller floor and even paintball guns.

Here are their links to the technology they put in:

MSE Weibull [Omni-Directional Treadmill and Motion Tracking]


Igloo Vision [Projection and 360-degree Dome]


aps events and media Ltd [Visual Manipulation]


Extra Dimensional Technologies [Ambient Lighting]


Running in the Halls [Kinect Hack]


Robo Challenge [Paintball Marker Control System]


Yoyotech [Gaming PC]

Here area a few images from the behind the scenes shots via engadget.

[Gadget Show FPS Sim image]

I would love to see us create something similar (without the guns) as a VERY immersive way to experience architectural designs.