I like exploring sites like Dezeen which have articles with lots of photos, visualisations and plans of fascinating architectural and design projects. So I thought it would be nice to pick out 3 bits of architecture (photographed rather than rendered this time) just to share.

The Kilden Performing Arts Centre

This creation by ALA architects just looks gorgeous, the giant wavy wooden entry picks up the light and photographs with great beauty. But there are other parts like the more metalic interior parts that look great as well. Some of the worlds greatest architecture is in buildings for the Arts, this structure looks like it would certainly add to the ambiance of attending a concert/event – esp in this online world we are living. See more images in the Dezeen article:

 [ALA’s The Kilden Performing Arts Centre via Dezeen]

Cutty Sark Exhibit

The restoration of the famous ship and its new exhibition hall by Grimshaw Architects has a dramatic feel that sets the ship up in a way that enhances its nautical nature while still being in ‘dry dock’. More images and information in the Dezeen article.

 [Grimshaw’s Cutty Sark Exhibition via Dezeen]

Alesia Museum Information Centre

This new French creation by Bernard Tschumi Architects brings elements of the history of the area to create a calm but impressive beginning to archaeological learning (Good ‘ol Romans vs Gauls stuff). See the Dezeen article for more.

 [Alesia Museum Information Centre by Bernard Tschumi Architects via Dezeen]