My latest passion in the gaming world is Star Trek Online. With free-to-play there is no barrier for giving things a try and the game has been around long enough to have evolved a little from any release wonkiness that MMOs invariably suffer from.

The game has me completely immersed now, it is a wonderful realisation of Star Trekkiness bringing some exciting space and ground battles, interesting quests, bridge officers and more. The game has such a good feel to it, whether I am just sending my Duty Officers off on their own quests, working through the main Episode storylines or just leaping out into space and dailies.

The sound (music and effects) bring us into the Star Trek universe, along with all the races, ships, planets, equipment, uniforms and visuals that lure me back in each time. I havent even started to look at the Foundry (player created content) and the fun that could be there in creating my own. As I write this I am lining up some more Duty Officer missions, overly good experience comes in for me from this fun ‘side game’.

There is so much to like here, whether it is Leonard Nimoy’s Spock congratulating me when I level, the complex space and ground battle opportunities or the fun customising crew and ship – everything here is fun. Even the little detail of having the name of my ship actually visible on my hull shows some of the love that Cryptic have put into the game for trekkies and all.

Here are a suite of images showing my character in a few ships leading upto the captain rank plus a few shots on a ground mission as well.

EDIT: forgot to include this link when I posted: Why I Play: Star Trek Online (on Massively)