We geared up to see what Hasbro had in store for their movie adaptation of the classic board game last night – Battleship. To be honest we didnt go in with high expectations apart from some super special effects and probably some simple escapism. The Vmax cinema set things up nicely and the action began. The cinema laughed at multiple times and even clapped at the end for delivering us a fun ride.

The CG was great and the production quality was high. The plot was highly stereotyped, which would be ok, but there were too many armada sized holes if you actually have your brain in even first gear. Assuming we can slot into neutral then the film was cool, I think it would appeal much more to the 9 year old boys that it is targeted to, but I still enjoyed it.
That said there is good here, the Aliens feel like they arent just a mindless invading throng, are they the bad guys or are we – this could have played a bigger part, was at least still woven in there a little.The cast is kinda neat, bringing a nice breadth of types and looks of people and they were enjoyable to watch.

Steve Jablonski gives us the sound track (Transformers fame) and much of the sound effects and technology were straight from the Transformers franchise. Remembering that a ride at Disneyland gave us the Pirates of the Caribbean, taking inspiration from a board game can certainly work. Here we got right into the Navy and the action with cameras doing remarkable things as they tracked through the chaos of battle. See Director Peter Berg’s comments on DenOfGeek.

I have to admit I didnt even pick up on the part where they were firing the missiles as being a direct translation of the gameplay – feel kinda silly about that now. Anyhow, thinking back, that was actually quite clever.

I actually see quite a bit of Star Trek here actually, think on that…

CG, one of the key reasons for going on the journey with the aliens and ships was all the CG work.We have the masters of ILM on the task, so the results were always going to be jaw dropping. Clearly the effects are drawing on skills learned in doing Transformers and Pirates, bringing together the technology, explosions, complexity, performance capture, aliens and more. The Navy ships looked great up there on the screen and all the weapon effects were superb.

This featurette shows off some of the creation and behind-the-scenes work by the film crew and ILM – hints at the truly remarkable amount of work from many people to achieve results at this level.

Lastly check out the Hasbro Battleship fun.