The latest ImagineFX, which I always love seeing arrive in the mailbox (along with my 3DWorld) sports a super Wonder Woman cover from the mighty hand of Alex Garner. Apart from the cover piece, we get a tutorial from Alex explaining some of techniques (photoshop layers, masks, etc in CS3) that are part of his workflow in managing the creative process from start to finish. The DVD sports a whole video capture of him working through the process which is what I like as we get to see the changes, the evolution, the fixes. These things reveal far better the work that goes into works like this and how what we see doesn’t just arrive magically on the page/screen.

[Alex Garner’s Wonder Woman ImagineFX cover art via Issue 082]

There is much more Alex Garner art on his DeviantArt Gallery as well as his home website.
Since he is somewhat famous for his Wonder Woman covers, here are a few more, though there is much more to be enjoyed on his sites … go on … go and have a look!

[Alex Garner Wonder Woman Covers via his DeviantArt Gallery]

I certainly recommend ImagineFX to all and sundry, Issue 82 is another inspirational edition – now to dedicate more time to trying out all the techniques…