The Lego offices in Billund, Denmark bring the fun of Lego into the office environment and as the DeZeen article shows (plans and all) they are some interesting open-plan places. Open-plan refits are more and more common at the uni, but they struggle to realise this level of quality and logic.
Even if we ignore the Lego fun that permeates the spaces here, we definitely dont have a sea of workstations, they are in little clusters. Then these open-plan desks areas are supported by a huge array of casual meeting areas, shared facilities, meeting rooms and smaller consultation rooms and more. Essentially the open plan idea is given the chance to work more effectively by giving space to all these catalyst functions.

There are more images on the site, but here are a few that show off the fitout by designers Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord in 2010:

[Lego office images via Dezeen]