The effort that MMO veterans NCSOFT are putting into Guild Wars 2 looks very impressive**. Not only from a graphics/audio/effects/design perspective but with new and exciting gameplay logics that will hopefully challenge many of the mainstays of the whole MMO sphere.
Lets take a little tour of some of these elements kicking off (as always seems appropriate) with a full no mercy trailer:

So much going on here in terms of characters, classes, creatures,  landscapes. The look reminds me a fair bit of Everquest 2, with some nice animation in places, though it still has the floaty game engine feel. I particularly like those zombies coming out of the water and the dragonlike creature.

The trailer features some animated concept artwork as well as some preview 3D gameplayish footage. The media page on the site has some, but nothing new, so lets look at screenshots instead. As the development has continued the site has added more images to keep us checking in and here are some that really show off the design and graphical aesthetic they are going for:

[Guild Wars 2 Promo Screenshots via the official site]

I have posted before on the gameplay and concept changes – but, back to the concept art, as I truly love that aspect and what better place to look than GuildWars2Guru that has extensive forums and more on the game and heaps of concept art for us to admire including these:

[Guild Wars 2 Concept Art via GuildWars2Guru]

Also see some of Matt Barrett’s building sketches on the same site (plus there’s more of course).

Lastly 2 pieces from Kekai’s blog – beautiful work:

[Kekai concept art for Guild Wars2 via his blog]

** EDIT -The gang at ArenaNet are the Developers on GW2 with NCSoft the Publishers – an important distinction.

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