I already mentioned some of the nifty Special Features on the Toy Story 3 BluRay, now for a quick look at the film. John Lassiter and the gods of animation at Pixar deliver us another wonderful tale from the Toy Story universe. The animation itself is remarkable in many places, such style and precision even under very complex scenes. Each character’s movement reinforces their individuality and when characters come together in combat, dance or otherwise the contrasts are lovely to see. I loved the interaction between Jessie and Buzz (in his various states) and the animation is a standout for me.

The tale we run with brings us new antagonists and really makes me feel for the characters. The toys are actually quite tragic, their fun is derived from being played with, they struggle to have fun outside that (with only a few exceptions). With this premise there are many causes for their conflict as their world is so tightly bound to human foibles and we humans dont know there are feelings to be hurt.

[Toy Story 3 images via fanpop.com]

The CG is flawless, while still completely cartoony, every element is refined to that aesthetic. The effects and fur are beautiful, like seeing the raindrops fall on Lotso. The rigs inside all these characters must be very clever, empowering those animators with all the controls they need to deliver the body and facial animations that reveal all the character’s emotions and physical gags.
All up another superb movie from the Pixarians and their biggest franchise. It loses some of its edge from being another sequel, but still wonderful to join these characters again.