I think I would still rank HL2 as the best gaming experience created to date, even if it isnt the game type that resonates with me most. The compelling experience was filled with new physics-based puzzles, carefully crafted action that made every player feel special, nice strategic combat sequences, frightening zombies all wrapped up in stunning visuals.

Anyhow, onto Marco Spitoni (who works for WETA Digital) who has created a stunning teaser for his personal Half Life CG trailer project. The result is gorgeous, seeing the G-Man in third person, right in the thick of the chaos – wonderful.

The amount of work on display here is inspiring, to bring everything together to this level shows great dedication and with all those assets and effects under control I can see he will be able to deliver on his longer trailer vision.

Here are some of his other videos going back – in – time …

Marco’s Cee-Gee site has some images from the creation of these videos as well, always inspiring for me to see the proofs of concept, WIP images and other tid bits that reveal the creation of the whole.

[CG image test by Marco Spitoni from his Cee-Gee site]