There are many competitions running on the web for digital artists, many running out of the main hubs for these communities. The Unearthly Challenge spans these sites in one big comp with 3D and 2D areas. The quality is astounding and the site currently has some of the top entries displayed from the end of last year.
The truly inspirational work of these people is lovely to see. The level of detail in all aspects of the creation from concept, design, modelling and texturing to the lighting, composition and rendering. I will hopefully find some blogtime to visit the individual sites for some of these 3D artists as well, so much to learn from them.
Perhaps the coolest part of the whole show is that the 3D work is based around game environments, so we have low poly counts and no rendering – yet the results are gorgeous. The rules for the comp are quite strict including the 350K tris to create their magic.

Here are a small few – go to the site for higher res and lots more entries:

Entry by Matroskin

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Matroskin]

Entry by EzMeow

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by ExMeow]

Entry by Joyal

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Joyal]

Deep Discovery by Bbox85

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Bbox85]

Wasted Hope by Adam

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Adam]

All Good Things by Brisk1

[Unearthly Challenge 2009 3D Entry by Brisk1]