One more sketch for MOTHS vs BUTTERFLIES for today showing how the different character for the two races translates into their gear.

Here are some thoughts on how the MvsB world pieces together and the narrative structure might wind up.

Narrative involves the growing realisation that they should work together against a common threat that they each blame the other for. Protagonist is rejected by our own race, band with other like-minded lepids from both sides to defeat the threat and bring both sides together in peace.

Threats – assault on their habitat – ‘humans’ though not stated.
Something that can actually be defeated or worked around
Introduced invasive species
Mutant plantlife – source is a human waste – giant putrid pipes to the lepids
Plant kills the native plants, strangling vines, several types of noxious spores
One type of spore effects the minds/behaviour of animals – think zombies.
Spiders, beetles and such are cool antagonists as well.

Some anti-dogma stuff in breaking away from elders superstitions and ancient texts
Message about our environment is good.
Solution to the threat created by bringing skills/knowledge from both races is important.
Narrative would work the same way regardless of which side is chosen to play – this reveals that the problem is common, just revealed through different perspectives.

Apart from an adventure narrative game, the world allows for a pretty nifty combat game whether FPS or RTS style. Maybe the game requires teamwork between both races to complete (2 player co-op)
‘Revelation at the Ruins’ could work, hiding, scouting, thinking, then the reveal and the change.
Realtime world to explore in sections, each revealing more of the world. Maybe this is the trailer for the FPS/RTS game itself.

Lifecycle : What part can this play, are the caterpillars cool to play as well?

Sound – this should be fun (if challenging) with hopefully two sound/musical themes for the races which bled together to make something even better. Best analogy I can think of is the Big Band and Rock number, ‘Dancin’, from Xanadu, with 6 minutes of leadup to the final merge of the two songs (youtube vid)