The idea of using grand building facades as projection surfaces is a pretty neat idea and the logic of that screen creates all kinds of interesting ideas. When in France recently we didnt have time to stay for the show at Chateau Chombord, I am not sure if it lives up to the amazing work in he videos here, but would have liked to have found out.
Anyhow, there is a great blog post on FuelYourCreativity which draws together some stunning examples of Architectural Projection Mapping, which take the largely 2D facade surfaces and create living 3D graphics effects on a grand scale. Buildings around UNSW have had projections on them at various points as well, perhaps the time has come for us to have an ongoing setup on our building – bringing it to life each night for a period. It would make an interesting canvas for student projects.

By way of inspiration have a look at these few vids:

Battle of Branchage from seeper on Vimeo.
KraftWork from seeper on Vimeo.
ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 – Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle from seeper on Vimeo.—

As well as Seeper, check out the work of UrbanScreen.