Crysis 2, powered by the mighty CryEngine3 is getting closer and closer for us. The official site is now alive at SOS New York and features the new trailer:

How great is that (I love trailers), this is full of emotion, scene setting, character development and excitement to take part in the world and play our part in seeing if we can rescue the city. The site also has some great screenshots and concept art, here are some that show off the production levels in place for the game:

[Crysis2 concept art via the official site]

[Crysis2 concept art via the official site]

The production extends to the writing as well, with novelist Richard Morgan on board for the story. Make sure you pop over to the CRYNET SYSTEMS mini site as well for more on Nanosuit 2 including pics. The Engine looks simply stunning in the hands of talented artists, I look forward to being able to use it.

Here is another tech video showing off the CryEngine capability:

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