I have been looking forward to seeing the latest action 3D extravaganza at the cinema, yesterday was the day. I have fond memories of the original Clash of the Titans, this new action packed 3D version of Clash of the Titans has plenty to live upto, esp with us sliding into comparisons with Avatar.

First some criticisms. The 3D was off, it was like they had turned up the 3Dness too high and characters that were right next to each other felt too far apart. Different elements of the shots felt like they were on cards floating in front of each other. So the 3D want so hot. The plot was interesting but not as gripping as perhaps it could have been, the logic seemed a little flat as to who won in the end and how even…

Now onto the fun bits, I did like the film. I think I will have a great time with it at home when it is released. I am pretty sure this is a film that will grow on me actually. There is something very cool about Perseus taking on Medusa with the petty squabbling Gods above them.

Here are the trailers for both films 🙂

And a few promo images from the Clash of the Titans official site:

[Promo wallpapers for Clash of the Titans via the official site]

— EDIT —

I forgot to mention my favourite part of the film. The opening sequence is a piece of exposition covering the gods, titans and such, narrated over some beautiful visuals of the stars, gas clouds and constellations making up the characters in these larger than life myths.

Note that despite the relatively poor 3D effect here, I still think that 3D is the way to go for cinematic viewing – such a great step forward I feel in the immersion and big-screen ‘specialness’ that we need at the venue.


More on this now that I have read the article in the latest 3D World mag covering the CG work on the film. The side-bar on the View-D process explains briefly how the film was shot in 2D actually and converted using the software into 3D. This might be a great idea for some applications but shouldnt be confused with movies created properly in 3D in my opinion.

bit more info in this 3D-World snippet.