With my decision to attempt to create a real-time audio landscape where the audio pieces created in Pro Tools come together within the Unity environment – plenty of work to be done. I havent done much on the actual landscape yet, not sure whether to rebuild it yet even, but it is serving as a good base for my audio experimentation.

First I spent quite a bit of time generating, combining, sourcing and creating audio pieces to bring into Unity. Pro Tools armed with plugins is a very cool piece of software. I still feel like something of a novice working with sound, but I am enjoying working with footsteps, heartbeats, breathing and the elements along with more musical elements to create specific audio layers.

Some things I have working now include: grassy footsteps playing when I walk, even going down steep slopes; fading in and out map-breathing-effect audio near the boundary of the maps; multiple positional wind areas. My TODO list is a bit ominous, but as I tackle each thing that becomes a range of things that need solving, often with scripts, but they are getting done.