Last night we were at the Orpheum theatre for a screening of the doco on legendary design illustrator and concept wizard, Syd Mead. The event had the feel of a convention with lots of us fans, young and old coming together to see someone in the flesh. We did have to sit through the documentary film first, “Visual Futurist” by Joachim Montalvan, which I dont think was particularly good. It was a meandering suite of conversational snippets with Syd and various design people that roughly explored his work. Despite the fact that he was the visual front-man for things like Blade Runner and TRON, we didnt see a single clip from any films – this wasnt an improvement in my book. The portrayal of his great legacy is warranted, but seems to stop with that era of a few films…
After the filming he came out and there were questions and answers. I would have loved to have seen more of his method and how he goes about the creative work he does than a recounting of his career. After watching the Jason Chan vids, I really want to see how these super talented people approach their craft. Perhaps Syd’s DVDs are what I really want. A neat little event though, good to see lots of people turn out to such a thing.

Here is the banner image from the CGSociety feature on Syd.

[Syd Mead image banner from CGSociety Feature]