As promised, here is a little look at the 3 videos available from Massive Black & by Jason Chan covering his explorations of character design and concept work. It does feel a little odd at first paying for this sort of video, there is quite alot available for free on youtube etc. Perhaps the price is a little steep, but the money is supporting the site and I would hope Jason as well.

The videos are principally a capture of Jason’s canvas in Photoshop as he generates designs for 10 characters in different styles and genres. It is simply wonderful to watch him at work, exploring options and talking through design decisions for each of them. I would have liked to see a little more detail on the brushes, tools and techniques he uses, maybe a second less edited version which showed us the pallets and secondary windows would be very helpful. Regardless we are treated to several hours of him whipping up these designs that are beautiful, full of clever ideas, thoughtful development and implied detail.

I have watched several pieces a second time and still love some of the images he creates. I think my favourite is the villains video, but I really like the horror hero piece as a single piece of work. The idea of working tonally at first enabling such quick overlay colour is very cool. It is great how willing he is to change as the piece goes along, not being too precious about what he has down already. Here are shrunken versions of the final 3 files and then links to youtube trailers for the 3 vids:

[Jason Chan character concept images via MassiveBlack &]

This has me quite inspired – will have to find some time for this ahead of my presentations of the Cartographer ideas.