Here is a video proof of concept for some of the ideas for my audio piece for this session. I created a quick landscape in Unity3D, added the lush grass as per the concept sketches. After adding the maps and some little scripts to make them wobble I had enough to do a little capture moving around in the world. Bringing the video into ProTools I created some atmosphere with Reaktor on 3 tracks and worked them in with the simple act of being above and below the ‘shoreline’ of the maps.

I quite like this as a basis to move on with and to act as the backbone for a more complex exploration that will introduce more of the concepts, characters and landscape elements. There will need to be some editing as well, that can add some complexity to the middle, re-enforcing the audio narrative to come. I am looking at switching to CryEngine2 for the next phase, to get some more depth in the lighting, plus to make the animation of the maps less script driven.

Anyhow, here is the draft vid (not sure why youtube mangled the very beginning – but it makes an interesting effect)…

See other posts above and below for more Cartographer concept work.