Avatar was simply remarkable – in 3D at IMAX it is a very special cinematic experience indeed.

I will have to cover things in more detail a little later, after it sinks in perhaps. I am planning on a repeat viewing actually, just so much majesty and the passion for fantasy story telling is on display for all to see – wonderful.
We are treated to special effects in 3D that are so seamless and engagingly realistic that the whole is completely immersive. The film was already long (161mins) but we only had glimpses of many characters that would have been great to expand upon. The vast alien world, culture, landscape, flora and fauna in all their detail plus the concept of the Avatars themselves is stunning to see revealed. These visuals combined with the 3D, heart pounding audio and a tale I was keen to see unfold made the whole grand indeed. I think I have used enough superlatives already.

[Image from Avatar via the official Flickr Area]

flat out breathtaking. (see the official site for video and imagery to inspire)

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