The short holiday was a good time to get in a little sketching, even if some of it was on the wobbly train. Here are a good number of the elemental sketches – continuing my exploration into these magically imbued constructs and their youthful masters.

Scanning in Sketches
A note on the scanning process, in case it helps others. I am just using an A5 sketchbook and for the most part nothing more extravagant than a 0.5 clicky pencil (pacer-like). I scan them in as colour photos directly into Photoshop using a simple Canon flatbed affair. Once into Photoshop, I crop them all down and resize to something sane. Then the important step is to go to each scan and go to Image > Adjustments > Curves. Here you will see that there is a whole heap of content right at the right hand edge of the graph (the light gray bell curve bit). This is all the paper grain, so to clean that out, just slide the little white box at the end of the line there to the left – just past the gray mass. This essentially cuts out all that noise in one fell swoop. Then click a point in the middle of the diagonal line and drag to the right a little until you get a curve that gives the sketch enough guts to suit it.
I should make a quick vid tute for that one day…