The girls and the Elementals I have been sketching of late have had these tattoos that mark their control over their creations. I was reading my nice new ImagineFX magazine and there is a short article showing the work of Scott Chou on the updated Demonic Tutor for Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering. Here the tattoos are glowing with magical energy – a great idea and could come in a range of effects – cool piece as well.

The Wizards site has a great array of desktops that show off a range of the cool art used on the cards – here is the Demonic Tutor version:

[Demonic Tutor MTG card art by Scott Chou via the Wizards of the Coast site]

Scott Chou Links:
CGSociety Portfolio
ConceptArtHouse Site
ConceptArtHouse Blog

Note I LOVE the sliding image on their site (Javascript via DynamicDrive = Ultimate Fade-In Slideshow) and it’s working beautifully on their blogspot site – will have to implement something similar.

Since I am going on a week of hols tomorrow, that will mean less blogging and such, but hopefully much more sketching, so I will post some of those results up once I get a change – expect a heap of elementals.