To help with the promotion of Philip’s extra wide (cinema proportions 21:9) TV they have a fancy new site showing off the ratio and the ambilight fun. The whole widescreen concept has been accelerating as the HD resolutions begin to gain traction and with computers taking up the wider formats as well – they are now the norm. Whether the 21:9 ratio will take off, who knows. At sufficient size on a computer you can start having all manner of things side-by-side, but we are sacrificing a heap of vertical real-estate for some applications. The screen certainly looks beautiful on the web.

[Shot of the website in action for the Philips 21:9 screen]

Perhaps the coolest thing though is the short film/loop/piece by Adam Berg and Stink Digital titled Philips Carousel. The whole thing is a wonderful blend of physical setwork and post production – here are the youtube versions of the full thing and then the version with commentary.