I was having a little look around at some 3D stereoscopy methods for the desktop – starting in NVIDIAland. The interesting thing I discovered along the way is a quirky little way of playing with the stereo effect called Wiggly Stereoscopy. It is basically just a way of playing with our vision to enhance a 3D effect using 2 oscillating images of a scene. The Wikipedia Stereoscopy page has some info to start with and there are more examples on sites like: Martin Sutherlands Blog, and these Castle Crag images. Note when it starts getting slow like these and many others on the net, to me it starts to give more the effect a video does rather than a still stereo image.

Here is one of many artistic works in the format by Jim Gasperini:

[wiggly stereo Flippant Venus Plunge via Jim Gasperini’s site]