I love my nice new blu-ray of The Dark Knight, amazing film. Australia was beautiful (also blu-ray) to watch, seeing our country come to life, with the stellar cast and some stunning effects work. I watched the nice old Pyramids of Mars, a flashback for the Tom Baker lovers. Have watched Kung Fu Panda again as well and even more of Spirited Away – soo good.

Mighty sore (but fortunately not broken) finger is a good excuse to watch things on the nice large screen at home, so today I watched Twilight, again on blu-ray. This was much better than I expected and some pretty good teenage actors pulled it all together in a really absorbing way. I have the twin pack of the Hellboy films (DVD) as well and I am looking forward to them.

Oh and one of my recent accidents on the iPhone saw the port of the original Castle Wolfenstein 3D appear. A complete joy seeing this instant classic on the little platform. I have only played a teensie bit, but look forward to more 🙂