After class and given the level of progress needed for next week here is a list of the TODOs for the Oinkfrog model and rig:

  • Eyebrows – parent to bones rather than skin, setup scale for distance and set not to mirror deformation.
  • Tail – add geometry (how dumb was it of me not to put all those edge loops in) and get the various driven keys onto the different shapes. Possibly test using blend shapes instead. Fix cluster parenting to get them moving with the right deformer handle.
  • Elbows – find a tutorial on creating blend shapes to fix elbows after bone deformation – apply to elbows.
  • Eyeball – test a way to have round pupils – add pupil sizing using this or the current method.
  • Eyes – test deformation of the head and eyes using another lattice over the top of the eye lattices.
  • Stretchy Bones – do a stretchy bone test. Apply stretchy bones first to arms – then check for viability for fingers.
  • Arms – create blend shapes for arms to thin them out after stretch is applied.
  • Feet – test some foot rigs for their suitability – apply one to the actual rig.
  • Skin – fix up the skinning for the full mesh to get the weights in nice places.
  • Legs – look for a way to fix the foot chaos when the hip goes past the leg IK.
  • Fingers – fix weights or find solution to ugly fingers.
  • Arm IK – check sanity of IK/FK for the arms and switching and stretch integration.
  • Handles – add handles for other parts of the rig – shoulders, hands, etc.
  • Mouth – do some blend/bone driven keys and blend shape tests. (mix of curves from driven bones and blends)
  • Nostrils – see if blends can let me shift them in position and even size on his nose.
  • Map – Research bump/displacement mapping and get one applied for future use.

There are plenty of other things I could look at – but this should keep me busy enough! I know I could do a better set of UVs, the set I have is servicable and I could do more on the model, in areas like the junction between the mouth and head, maybe model a tongue or something as well. But I think I will carry on, keep adding and learning more from here.