I have a heap of rigging to do yet to get things even remotely as cool as I am driving for. But I thought I would run through some skinning on him to start to get a feel for the intricacies of this dark art.

Before I dove in and did a full auto skin in Maya, I added bones for his naval and the tip of his nose, both will let me do some nice jiggly animation later on with some follow-thru and bounce that will reinforce his pliable nature. I added the IK_spline solver to his tail with added clusters for the CVs – I hope once skinned this will bring his little curly tail into being. I also upgraded his skin to give more of a slick frogginess feel – while still being a nice cartoony pig pink.

The autoskin worked ok in some of the areas ok, but only ok. Almost everywhere needs some fixing and there are some bits that are just a train wreck. But that was to be expected and so into the paint weights tool I ventured. The automatic nature of these tools is something I will have to master yet, as I paint a weight away it just pops back to the last joint I painted. This I knew was coming, but I hoped it would be a little more polite.