Some more work with the skin weights tools and Oinkfrog’s bits and pieces are starting to be controlled by the right bones. Here we can see that his mouth is starting to get the character of the sketches after being rigged – YAY. It doesnt have quite the same nuance of the sketches as yet, not sure if this is a modelling, rigging or combo problem for me to solve.

His hands will need a heap more work in rigging and weighting to get them to deform nicely. I have the stretchy rig to add and need a way to stop the folding that occurs with the larger deformations. But it is alive.

I added a nice big pentagon at the base which after some parenting of the right bits gave me a way to move the whole rig around and not have things flying off in all directions. I have skinned the eyebrows to their own special bones (so far my only bit of rigid binding here) and this is working as designed. Alas it will need more thought as I need to either make the bones stretchy – or perhaps add another bone to allow the distance from his head to vary. The tail skinning isnt working as planned yet either, should be fixable I think and of course his feet need something clever. Here is where the rig stands at the moment.