I had a plan to do a fair bit more Oinkfrog Rigging today, alas a game of soccer later and I am sporting a cracked toenail and more relevantly a nice swollen finger from a stint in goals – hmmm.
I am coping with this email ok, but the mousework feels really weird. Maybe I could try with my left hand 🙂

Anyhow last night I did fix up the eyebrows as per the list and did the tail geometry. I did some work on the tail spline clusters, but wherever I seem to put them, I get a different effect. I have settled on one that at least doesnt deform the tail as things move, but they get left behind when larger section move. Perhaps after I define the various driven keys, I can just hide them and it wont matter any more.

I did a quick test for having nested lattices first sphere inside cube below. Then added the little yellow baby which has a geometry constraint to the red one (it is like a surface constraint). As I slide the ‘cube’ around with the child sphere through the lattices, the little yellow dot has great fun sticking to the surface of the red one. This was an investigation into an alternate way to do the eyeballs – alas I havent solved the otherwise simpler task of the aim constraint – but that may just need a little more work.

Maybe I will read up on things and watch some Heroes episodes tonight, see how the finger looks tomorrow.