[Hellboy/BPRD cover art from the Dark Horse Comics Hellboy site]

Just a quick post after watching both the Hellboy films on DVD over the last few days. I recall having quite fond memories of the first one, seeing it somewhere along the line, the books are completely awesome, so I had high hopes/expectations.

Overall, it is a fun ride and for me the bad-guys are fun to see coming to life around the mythology of the series. The creatures and environments I like and the concepts of the relationships are good. Somehow though the whole doesnt shine in the way many of the parts do, it doesnt come off as the great comic realisation as it could be. We have seen some stunning renditions of the comic form to the big screen of late and the two Hellboy films fall short of the high mark. They are still fun to watch and it is just plain cool to see Mike Mignola’s creations brought to life.

The films are overflowing with effects and CG work and some of them are pretty engrossing. I like the big tentacled creatures and Liz’ pyrotechnics.

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The comic site has a nice look at the creation of a cover piece showing the integration of ink and shading. Though I enjoy the movies, the books are still standouts that are well above the bar for comics and interesting worlds created in them. Here are some desktop images from the Dark Horse site:

[Hellboy/BPRD desktop images from the Dark Horse Comics Hellboy site]