Just a little more follow-up on the Unity3D side of things. Their website actually has some nice info on the upcoming Unity3D 2.5 upgrade (free from v2) which is much more cross platform, with the editor on both Mac and Windows able to publish off to the various players.

There are screenshots of the interface in action for us to see (here are a few):

[Screenshots of the Unity2.5 editor via the website]


There is a nice little interview as well with ZeroFractal who use Unity for their Architectural Visualisation work. The images show the user of HUD plans as part of lovely looking real-time renderings and the integration of console controllers amongst other things. It sounds like they have done some nice work in developing the tool to allow their pipeline to be extra smooth – would love to see it in action.

[ZeroFractal Unity 3D environment image via the Unity3D site]

The ZeroFractal website is pretty cool, with 3d elements wandering over thier homepage and nice 3D transitions between sections and more. There are plenty of interesting images and vids of their projects to be found. Here are a few example images – these arent Unity – but are fun none-the-less:

[Images of some of ZeroFractal’s CG work via their website]