Had a nice demo from Scott and Carl from Measurand and their ShapeWrap3 motion capture kit. Their relatively cheap and portable motion capture system looks like a great way for educational orgs to get into this realm without dedicated spaces and setups while simultaneously allowing capture in multiple areas like VR theatres, existing architecture and research facilities. The technology, which includes quite clever bend and twist measuring systems, is clever and can be integrated with other mocap systems like Vicoms etc.

Check out their vids on youtube.

There are free plug-ins for Motionbuilder, Virtools and Quest3D – plus others for XSI, Max & Maya. The guys ran through a pipeline with a rig from XSI brought into Motionbuilder where we had the live real-time feeds from the mocap rig coming in. There is something very cool about seeing the rig and model replicating the user in realtime. After capturing animation layers in Motionbuilder the data was exported and brought back into XSI for a little more editing if required before being exported for the Source Engine. The guys brought the animations in as taunts atop a custom character in Team Fortress 2.

[image of the ShapeWrap3 kit via the Measurand site]

It would be good to integrate this sort of technology into the visualisation work we have in FBE and to keep bringing life and character to the models created.