After having a browse around at various UT3 map creations yesterday, I thought I may as well allow a reply of sorts from Crysis, so I followed first link and came to The Resort by SKM. This guy has created a stunning environment, using what the Crysis engine does so well. There isnt a great deal of Architecture in there, but the landscape is beautiful.

[Screenshots from The Resort, SKM’s Crysis map via Map-Factory]

SKM has documented the map extensively in his CryMod thread, though it is available and I first came to find it via the Map-Factory page. There is so much to this island that I cant include enough drool-soaked screenshots here – so check out the links to find more. Sooo I have just included the smaller versions above. I have however embeded the two main vids below as well, make sure you dont hurt your chin when it hits the floor. The first vid is a trailer showing gameplay as well, the second is just a visual tour of the various environments – watch them at a nice size… Sven Kiesser has done a super job, this is just one guy and thus should inspire us all to get in there and do the same – another reason to talk some more to my Alienware guy 🙂