Just a few more links to various gaming laptop pages showing a range of machines from the likes of Asus and Metabox. The recent Gameplayer look at a suite of laptops in various form factors is titled The Best Gaming Laptop Money Can Buy. The section called Ultimate Gaming Laptops – Performance covers a few of the 15″ variety that most interests me at the moment, other sections cover the beefier 17s etc.
P4 have some gaming laptops (Asus and Metabox) – some of these look good and dont break tooo many banks along the way.

not sure what to get, but to make it worthwhile – seems to be sane to go with a 9000 series card as good as I can get. This will see me armed with a good MBP and a Vista box – perhaps…

hmmm – pitty these things arent dead cheap 🙂