As I was doing quick bloggy bits between sessions of the Digital Media Festival incorporating the Australian Effects and Animation Festival – I didnt get to include a heap of links, images and videos – so here are a bunch all in one go – be warned!! Actually this is just a very small sample of links to things that are worth a bit more of a look that are easy to link to…

Tippett Studios
Founded by legend Phil Tippett (who worked on a bunch of things for ILM like Star Wars films), Tippett Studios is a great site to visit to get a feel for their work.
This new site/service from Adobe allows people to share files and work together in various ways – definately worth a closer look. The site still says its in beta, but everything seems to be these days, so I think we will have to give it a try.

Houdini Procedural Modelling
I loved the presentation on Houdini and the markedly different node-based procedrual modelling logic that it employs. The approach seemed much more like the Architectural and Product-centric parametric modelling that is in other packages – but different.

[Flaming Fluid image made in part with Houdini by Nicholas Pliatsikas from the Houdini site]

Here is a YouTube version of the 2008 Houdini Showreel – droool…
The number of video related sites out there is growing and was one that came up during the DMF partially because of the CMS capabilities it offers.

Harvie Krumpet
This little stop motion piece from Oz won the 2003 Animated Short Acadamy Award and the whole thing seems to be on google video and YouTube, plus lots more info on the Harvie Krumpet site including these images:

[Harvie Krumpet image from the official site]

Dying Breed
Just a quick link to the Dying Breed site and the trailer from Youtube below – freaky

Black Water
Another freightener, the Black Water site is cool as is the trailer below

The Responsibility Project
Liberty Mutual’s special short fiilm support initiative is the Responsibility Project. I got to see The Lighthouse funded through this and there are more there waiting on the site.

The Ruins
Another horror genre film – but this time with a bigger budget, The Ruins is from Dreamworks and has a pretty cool and very spooky flash site.

FXguide and FXphd
This is a site I havent really got into, but seeing some of the expertise in the DMF – I will have to take a much closer look at both the free FXguide and even the substription FXphd.

Sony Cybershot TVC
The TV Commercial by Sydney’s TheLaB shows off some nice CG – here it is via Youtube: