My MDM session 2 courses have kicked off this week with a bang.

Sound Construction 1
This field is completely new to me and our first play with Pro Tools was fascinating. All the things that I thought/hoped we could do in the simpler video edit tools I have played with are there to enjoy in Pro Tools and its impressive array of effects and manipulations. I particularly liked being able to draw in a piece of the sound wave by hand.
Project 1 is only a few weeks away that will require an original musical piece created from a small sound library – will be a challenge for sure.

Looks like I might need to spend $$ to work on this at home, for an Mbox even…

Digital Illustration for Concept Art
This is another online course which also kicked-off on the Monday and has seen a good level of involvement from the students already. I have enjoyed looking around at Concept Art examples in response to lecture 1 and the opening tasks.
Two examples I used were Viktor Antonov’s environmental design work for Half Life 2 and following from my look at Darksiders the other day, Joe Maduriera’s sketchwork.

[Concept art by Viktor Antonov (from his site) and Joe Maduriera (from JoeMadFan)]

One site I have found that will be fun to explore in detail for inspiration is the
Concept Artists & Illustrators Like Collection