The 3DM3 site has now had 3 competitions voting on some amazing pieces of CG work with a ‘girl’ theme. There is a mixture of styles in the mix – but they all represent artists with awesome talent and showcase where we are at with CG and 3D in particular.
The 3 comps are at:
Number 3
Number 2
Number 1

There are some amazing works in there of course (perhaps I shouldnt – but here are a few from the recent comp that should inspire a closer look. There is a mixture of 2D (photoshop) work and 3D using software like Maya and 3DS Max. Here are 3 of the 3D ones that should inspire a closer look:

[Some images from the 3DM3 CGgirls comp]

But I wanted to particularly pull out this 3D work modelling Angelina Jolie by Alex Stratulat which is simply incredible. Using Softimage XSI he has created something special – I will come back to more of his work soon for sure.

[Alex Stratulat’s 3D image – yep it’s CG]