It has been a long time since the Last Crusade and it was great fun to have Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to continue things for us. We are gifted with a range of new and old characters which slowly expand a plotline a little different from the previous three.

The CG and special effects work is beautiful, with only a few exceptions. It is hard to talk about pieces of it without giving things away that are best experienced first (without being read here). There are certainly lots of effects shots to admire, I look forward to seeing some discussion/breakdowns of them.

I loves the star wars reference and all told this is a movie absolutely chock full of memorable moments. I am not sure the plot is as tight as we might expect, but it still flows in the Indy kinda way, though it doesnt tie things off as well as say Raiders.

By way of a mini retrospective, here are 3 images from each of the 4 films (thanks to the official site)

[Images from the 4 Indy films from the IndianaJones site]

Note that it must be absolute torture for archeologists or anyone for that matter that takes the film to heart for the attitude towards antiquities and artefacts.

Had a blast!