Not that anyone really needs a watch any more, all our phones tell the time remember, they can still be neato ‘jewellery’. So if we take that approach, then the sexier the watch the better. Not sure how much a piece of machinery like this from Urwek would cost – but it should set you back a couple of bags o’ gold for sure.

[Image of the Urwek UR-202 from Engadget]

I love the way each ‘hand’ comes around to the minutes section rotating to reveal the right hour. It is kinetically powered rather than solar like the Citizen ones, I guess that is more in keeping with the machine aesthetic anyhow. It wouldnt be a dynamic watch to actually at normal time – but check out the video to see all the fun in some pretty slick CG to boot.

The Watchismo Blog as the first report on this actually. The same page has a vid on Urweks first watch which has the ‘Wandering Hour’ – another nice piece of design. More from Watchismo soon!