I was looking forward to seeing a CG ‘natural history’ IMAX film. The medium is just so good for showing off size – and with Dinosaurs on the menu – thats exactly what you want. Dinosaurs 3D is concentrated around Pategonia-Argentina and a particular set of giant dinosaurs that evolved there. In weaving this tale we see alot of the palaeontologists, their dig sites, museums and even trucks interspersed with helicopter footage over today’s landscape and the CG dinos themselves.

Producing the doco this way means that we walk away with alot less dinosaur than we would have liked, but that said there are some nice sequences. I particularly liked the flying pterosaur-like dinos, having them swoop around and at us while the camera whipped along high above a valley is pretty neat. There are a few nice bits to scare and enthral the kids here and there just to make sure they are paying attention. Even the not-so-spectacular shots are still in full 3D up on the huge screen – the effect is gorgeous.

Narrated by Donald Sutherland we actually get a nice vision of evolution, adaptation, natural selection and the way scientists have to fill in the gaps in their understanding. I thought the link with birds was strong, with dinosaurs caring for their eggs and other bird-like behaviour. The shots near the end showing 3D sequences of birds as the ancestors of the once dominant dinosaurs was nice.

I was hoping for a bit MORE in the way of big CG, more kids squealing would have been great for them and the rest of us.