The more I see folk with an Aussie iPhone the more gadget envy I seem to have. It is simply a gorgeous piece of kit and is becoming more nifty as time goes by and the apps keep coming. When Apple will finally come to the party and release it here in Oz is anyones guess – so those ken enough just get in a US one and hack it a little to get it onto Optus or whatever. Given that why the delay… Articles like this one on iphoneae cover the ground with a set of links on this topic alone.

The 3G iPhone is doubtless coming with more 3Gness in the US, but this means that until it exists I wont be able to use 3 here in Oz either. iPhone 2.0 in the Apple site has info on the beta program for the Enterprise features – all the things that will push the coolness off the chart.
Check the March 6th video showing off the features including exchange support and much more – the future looks bright indeed.

Anyhow, like all tech decisions – whether to dive in and have fun now or to wait…

Some images to aid the droolfest.

[some nice iphone imagery from the Apple site]