Today marks the start of holidays proper and with that limited online time and thus limited updates for this here blog.

I had a good chat with Russ about the multitude of issues with modding in the HL2 world. We did plenty of surmising about the relative merits of both the Unreal3 and Crysis engines and the opportunities they could both bring.

I hope to update the blog on as frequent a basis as I can over the next 2 weeks, but this may mean I dont hit the magical 365 until mid Jan. That said this is Day350 which seems like a big number.

Triple SLI systems
After noting that we can now drive 3 of NVIDIA’s mighty cards in one system – I threw a quick search in google and it revealed this SLIzone page listing an array of triple SLI gaming rigs to please anyone. The Dell XPS720 is in the list, though the Aussie Dell site doesnt let me configure one with 3 directly off the site. There are the usual fun machines from the likes of Alienware and other grunty manufacturers. I like the Dell XPS 720 H2C config they have near the bottom of the page – uber as it seems there could be a chance of getting such a thing with support here in Oz – that would be awesome…