The Lord of the Rings Online has a neat promo going until the end of Jan for just $10/month to play. This makes having a serious look at it all the more tempting. The screenshots of this baby running in DX10 are pretty inspirational for an MMO and the game looks to have some interesting gameplay and roleplay elements. I like the Traits & Deeds idea and the Fellowship Maneuvers should add some fun to grouping up – perhaps better than the ring in EQ2.

The Gametrailers review covers much of LOTRO’s logic and styling. The Gametrailer folk have plenty of other interesting LOTRO vids that are well worth a look, covering in more detail the features of the game. One of the unique and special features looks like the music system which allows players to not only play but also compose with the various instruments in the world. Check the vid below for a look at this lovely creative feature, it is this creative input that might set it well above what say WoW can deliver for me as a player.

I did a bunch more sketches in between reading of various bug-like western folk and other fun things – I really need practice 🙂 My drawing have a certain cartoony style to them, but lack any real sense of 3D or anatomy. I wish there was a life drawing course on in the summer I could contribute to my MDM.

Poser & Vue
I noted that e-frontier have their special for Poser 7 and Vue 6 bundle for $300US. If all manner of other expenses werent draining the finances at this time of year I would be sorely tempted. If anyone needs a reminder of what their software can do, check the e-frontier galleries – here are 3 examples:

[images from Poser, Vue and Manga Studio from the e frontier site]