iPod : Do not disconnect
Every now and again my iPod gets confused and has the wonderful “Do not disconnet” message permanently plastered on the screen. Even if I havent done anything untoward, it kinda gets stuck like this. No great problem though, assuming the standard things like ejecting, restarting etc dont do the trick then hold down the CENTRE button and the MENU button at the same time for 6 or 7 seconds and it will turn off. Start it up again and all should be well.

Perhaps my last hurrah at EVE today, got through all the first set of training missions. Losing your ship is very nasty, you have to buy another one and refit it all out again. I wish you could get an insurance policy that would replace it as new exactly as it was or give you the money – the choice would be nice.

I might have to check out Tabula Rasa as an alternative SciFi MMO, though it seemed much more aimed at being a person rather than the ship-centricity of EVE. Indeed there didnt seem to be any shipbased stuff at all which makes it hardly comparable.

LOTRO looks very interesting though and has a promo for only $10 a month – ekelent.